Match Your Mate In Torio

Match Your Mate In Torio

Warning! Cuffing season is in full swing, so find yourself a cute partner and bare down for the cold months. Since you’re locked in for the season, be really cute and match your mate in Torio. Torio has fun, print styles that will have you feeling more connected to your mate

1. No Means Yes or Yes/No: You and your girlfriend could confuse each other with mixed signals in these hot styles. The men’s version comes in a boxer and the women’s version comes in a brief. The print features negative phrases, but when you turn off the lights each bubbe says yes!

No Means Yes or Yes/No 1


2. Pirates: Be a couple of pants pirates in this style! Make it a game and see who can find the hidden monkey on your each other’s panties. Whoever loses has to make dinner!

Match Your Mate In Torio 2


3. Torry meets Pirate: Want to enjoy the women’s Pirate brief, but you want to match your girlfriend? Dress your girl in the Torry brief! The Torry brief, like the Pirate Brief, is a play on ‘Where’s Waldo?” Find each other really cute in these styles!

Match Your Mate In Torio 3


4. Banana Boy Grey Finds Duck Sick: Match your boyfriend with a banana-themed style! The Duck Sick style features a duck coming through the front and emerges in the back with a banana in his mouth. When you turn out the lights, it says “Suck Dick” instead of “Duck Sick.” The Banana Boy style features a banana on the back and says just do it on the inside of the pouch. So just do it.

Match Your Mate In Torio 4



How many pairs of underwear do you own with a similar sense of humor? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us@underwearexpert.

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