Lounge In Style With Papi Sleepwear

Papi Sleepwear

Most people work really hard and just want to be able to relax on their days off. Comfortable, well-fitting sleepwear will definitely take your relaxation time to another level. Feel warm and cozy in the Papi Sleepwear styles.

The Knit Jersey – Short Sleeve Henley ($29.99) has a slim fit cut without being restricting and a few buttons on the top, just in case you want to give your neck extra breathing room. The sleeves cut off around mid bicep, so you have full range of motion, and the fabric is soft to the touch, so you can feel comfortable with every wear. This style is also moisture wicking to keep you comfortable. This style is available in red, black, grey, oatmeal, turquesa and navy.

The Knit Jersey – Sleep Pants ($35.99) are loose fitting, while still maintaining a slim look, for your comfort and are a great addition to your Papi Sleepwear collection. This style features a wide logo waistband and is made out of a soft fabric that is moisture wicking to keep you feeling cozy throughout every wear. This style is available in oatmeal, black, navy, grey, grey/black and turquesa.

If you prefer to wear shorts, check out the Knit Jersey – Sleep Shorts ($29.99). This style features a drawstring waistband and cuts off right below the knee. The loose fitting design, soft fabric and moisture wicking properties will have you feeling super comfortable while you relax. This style also features pockets, so you can carry around anything you’ll need for the day. The Sleep Shorts are available in oatmeal, navy, grey, red and black.

Papi Sleepwear styles are available in sizes S – XL.

What do you think of the Papi Sleepwear styles? Are you excited to get cozy and try out this sleepwear? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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