Learn Some New Workouts With Garçon Model’s Peter Ward

Garçon Model’s Peter Ward

Get fit and keep up with Garçon Model’s Peter Ward in this latest installment of Garçon Model’s new video campaign. If you don’t know already, Garçon Model’s new video campaign follows Peter Ward through his life New York City as a Garçon Model. These videos discuss things such as his gym tips, favorite recipes and other things one may experience in the life of as male model in New York City.

This video follows Peter Ward to the gym where he maintains his chiseled physique daily. He explains that he focuses on staying the same size and defining his muscles, instead of trying to bulk up. This can be achieved by using lighter weights and doing a large amount of reps, instead of heavy weights for only a few reps. He points out that the key is to make sure you’re sweating in your workouts or you aren’t working hard enough.

He goes over some of his workout routine with the camera. He starts out with a motified burpee, where he does a burpee with weights and then a curl to a press all in one motion. This is to get you warmed up, but don’t get confused: this will have you sweating bullets. He also explains how finger placement effects the movement.

Watch the video of Garçon Model’s Peter Ward Workout Routine Below:

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