Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Mosmann Gift Packs

Mosmann Gift Packs

The holiday season is here! Are you feeling the cheer yet? Well, whether or not you are, you still need to find gifts for your loved ones. Make some of your shopping easier with the Mosmann Gift Packs!

The Mosmann Gift Packs ($41.85) offer two pairs of Mosmann Trunks and a pair of Mosman Socks, all in the same theme, in a lovely gift box tied with ribbon. The Mode Gift Pack has 2 underwear styles that are made out of the modal fabric. The modal fabric is so close to silk that it feels incredibly soft and is cool to touch. One of the trunks has blue and pink flowers all over it, and the other white polka dots. The socks are the same blue found in the floral printed style. The Comfort Gift Pack features styles made out of premium cotton and Dupont Lycra. This fabric is soft and stretchy, while still very durable, making it perfect for a guy who works really hard. These styles feature hints of navy and orange.

The Eco Gift Pack is perfect for an environmentally-friendly guy or an active one. Each style is made with revolutionary bamboo-based fabric, which is hypo-allergenic, soft, moisture wicking and heat resistant. The trunks feature earthy designs and the socks match the colors found in those designs. The Luxe Gift Pack is perfect for the guy who enjoys a bit of luxury. Each style is made out of modal fabric. Each trunk in this pack uses classic vibrant colors that are distinguished, just like your guy who loves some luxurious feeling styles.

The Mosmann Gift Packs is available in sizes: S – XL

What do you think of the Mosmann Gift Packs available this season? Which gift pack would you like to give to a loved one? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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