Get Your Hands On The Limited Edition Blackspade Aura Collection

Blackspade Aura Collection

Blackspade is known for having soft basics that look as amazing on you as they feel against your skin. The Blackspade Aura Collection combines comfort and great design to develop great styles. The Aura Collection is very unique; Blackspade has only produced a limited number of units in each style making this collection exclusive. Each item is delivered in special Blackspade display boxes, so stock up on each style before they’re gone!

The Blackspade Aura Collection’s 9502 Boxer features a contoured pouch and extra fabric between the legs to prevent chaffing. The design itself is one solid color with fitted piping on the thighs and on the pouch, giving this style a more athletic look. This mid-rise boxer brief cuts off around the upper mid-thigh and is available in four colors: white, black, navy and gray. The Aura 9501 Brief has all of the same features as the boxer, it just shows off more skin. This style is available in black, white and gray.

Stock up on some tops, this collection offers four top styles. The 9508 V-Neck features short sleeves and a shallow V, the 9509 V-Neck is sleeveless and the arm openings curve around your shoulder muscles for a more flattering view. Both styles are slim-fit enough to show off a hint of muscle but loose enough that you can still move freely. The 9506 Crew Neck shirt fits the same way that the V-Neck does just with a rounded neck opening. The 9504 Singlet will show off your muscular shoulders and torso while still maintaining comfort. This style is a little bit slimmer than the others and the crew neck drops down lower than the 9506. Stock up on these limited items before they’re all gone!

The Blackspade Aura Collection is available in sizes S – XXL.

Do you see yourself in the Blackspade Aura Collection? Which style in this collection do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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