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Frank Dandy is known for two things: great underwear and great underwear designs. But for those of us in need of fall accessories, Frank Dandy has just released their new Frank Dandy Fall Accessories line. The same creative and quirky designs incorporated into their underwear collections can now be found on super comfortable and well-crafted Frank Dandy scarves and beanies! Their scarves and beanies can easily be mixed and matched to create your own unique and funky Frank Dandy ensemble. Now, Frank Dandy can keep you well supported below the waist and warm and comfy above.

Each scarf ($52.00) in the Frank Dandy Fall Accessories collection is a statement piece, displaying stylish and innovative designs. The eccentricity of the designs is slightly subdued in shades of navy, black and grey that are perfect for the fall and match easily with most coats and jackets. But don’t let the colors fool you: the designs are full of attention-grabbing details and patterns. Mini robots, ancient graffiti, triangles and stripes are all showcased on these super comfortable and snug scarves. Fringe adorns the end of each scarf for a final touch.

Each scarf can be easily matched with a Frank Dandy beanie counterpart. The Bobble Beanies ($35.00) feature a similar aesthetic and stylish design as the scarves, with a few more color variations. Of course each bobble beanie comes complete with a frilly pom-pom on top. If pom-pons aren’t your thing, the Frank Dandy Fall Accessories Collection also features the Tuft Beanie ($29.00) and the Jack Beanie ($29.00). These beanies are much more understated and conventional in design but still come in great colors and still deliver a classic beanie aesthetic, with just a touch of Frank Dandy flair.

Each item in the Frank Dandy Fall Accessories Collection is created as one size fits all.

What are your thoughts on the Frank Dandy Fall Accessories Collection? Which scarf and beanie combination do you like best? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Frank Dandy

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