A Frank Dandy Brief Update

Frank Dandy Brief Update

Nothing grabs our attention more than the finesse and pizzazz of a Frank Dandy brief. The Frank Dandy brief features a classic mid rise cut with standard leg openings, but the designs are created with a retro-futuristic perspective. The combination of a customary fit with stylish originality are what make these briefs so special. With all of the panache and creativity that Frank Dandy briefs exude, we felt it was absolutely necessary to put together a Frank Dandy Brief update featuring our favorite pairs.

Each Frank Dandy Brief is made from a 95% combed cotton and 5% elastane composition. Each brief also features a 4-Way Stretch fabrication which allows for greater mobility and support while maintaining its shape and fit. Keeping with its great comfort, Frank Dandy Briefs are also tagless for a smooth fit and are created with a lined front for extra ease. The elastic waistband is made from a soft microfibre that ensures a seamless underwear wearing experience.

But again, it’s the stylish designs that inspired this Frank Dandy Brief Update. For instance, the I Scream Brief features melting multi-colored goodness that all melds together to form a sweet and eye-catching aesthetic.

The Swingers Brief is a little more self explanatory, displaying different sexual partners in various sexual positions. The colors on this brief are super stylish, with yellow and white characters on a vivid navy blue background.

We’re also drawn to the classic, old school aesthetic of the Fake Heritage Brief. The beige coloring of the brief itself is a shade we don’t normally come across in the underwear world. The cartoon caricatures are also a unique touch, creating a comic-book like effect, with red and blue detailing.

Be sure to check out the Frank Dandy Wheat Field, Evil Eye and Athletic Briefs as well. Each pair is as unique and funky as the rest!

Which brief do you like most in our Frank Dandy Brief Update? What makes Frank Dandy one of your favorite brands? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Frank Dandy

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