Explore Radical Element With Steven Dehler

Explore Radical Element

Let’s be honest: no one enjoys wearing pants while they’re trying to get their lounge on. Radical Element has tons of hot styles that you can get your lounge on in, so explore Radical Element with Steven Dehler in this hot lounging photoshoot!

From tanks to tiny swimwear to cool hats, model Steven Dehler teaches us how to lounge in style in his Radical Element styles. Photographer Benjamin Patterson finds Steven’s “good side” out lounging by the pool and chilling on some sofas. The use of shadow against his skin and the swimwear styles brings more texture into the first two images. The first image shows Steven with his swim briefs slung over his shoulder, as if to say “come peep my goods,” which will grab anyone’s attention.

In the next two images Steven’s soaking wet, the shirt sticks to his body, accentuating his muscles and also creating grids of irregular linear texture across his chest and back that bring the viewers attention right to the shirt. He shows off his beautiful behind in the third image, showing that he’s willing to get a little naughty. The fading grey background of the third and fourth photo pushes Steven even further into the forefront, leaving the viewer to focus all attention the the tank and swim briefs. The seventh image also utilizes different shades of grey and hints of yellow to push out the Loy Tee LA Bullets shirt and the Luke Swim Brief in Ammo White more into the focus of the viewer.

Feeling lazy? Let’s lay out by the pool with Steven. The Loy Tee Grenade shirt clings to his body while he works on a tan. The vibrance of the blue pool water cuts right through the background and contrasts heavily with the wood pool deck. Since the pool is on an angle in the fifth image it creates a perpendicular linear design with the wood deck, this outlines the subject and brings the shirt and swim briefs more steadily into the viewer’s attention. The sixth photo features a mostly pool background with foliage cutting off the top third of the image, adding tons of texture. The red Major League Hat contrasts with the blue and green background and his perfectly styled hair will have the viewer enraptured.

Hanging out by the pool can be tiring, why not take a load of on some sofas? In the eight photo the tan couch and the light complement Steven’s skin tone well. In this image, Steven’s almost glowing. It has a calm effect and makes you want to lounge yourself! The design of the couch brings sturdy geometric shapes into the background of the image, and Steven just cuts right across it. This juxtaposition of sturdy and relaxed brings a very interesting element to this image. In the last image, the cream wall and the dark grey couch contrast with Steven’s body, bringing him forward in the image. The cool linear design in the couch creates just enough texture to keep the viewer looking and begging for more.

Each image in this photoshoot featured a lot of use of color and texture to bring attention to each individual style featured. Jason Wimberly did the art direction on this photoshoot and helped Steven flaunt his naughty lounging in style.

Do you want to explore Radical Element with Steven Dehler? Which style do you think would look the best on you? Share your thoughts in the comments below or send us a tweet @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Radical Element

Photo Credit: Benjamin Patterson and Radical Element

Model Credit: Steven Dehler

Art Direction: Jason Wimberly

Sponsored by Radical Element


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