Editor’s Pick: Comfortable Boxer Co.

Editor's Pick: Comfortable Boxer Co.

Editor’s Pick: Comfortable Boxer Co. Modal Boxer Brief – Jet Black

Why We Love It: It’s a black pair of underwear that fits well and looks sharp. What more could you possibly want? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: simplicity is a form of elegance. And with the Jet Black Modal Boxer Brief from Comfortable Boxer Co., you get an everyday pair of underwear so comfortable it’ll quickly earn its way into the front of your underwear drawer.

The boxer brief is made from modal which is replacing cotton as the go-to fabric for making underwear. It’s lighter, softer and even more breathable. Another winning feature for our Editor’s Pick is the grey waistband that’s used to accent the underwear’s black body. The Underwear Expert has nothing against underwear that’s entirely black — we love it in fact — but the grey waistband gives this boxer brief the right amount of fashion sense to make it a smarter underwear option for any given day of the week.

Why It’s Our Editor’s Pick: Comfortable Boxer Co. didn’t leave us many options when choosing our Editor’s Pick. The brand currently sells just three different pairs, with a second collection currently being funded through Kickstarter. But we aren’t complaining. Rather than bombard us with a barrage of underwear, Comfortable Boxer Co. sought to perfect what they do best –  make comfortable boxers.

Think of it like a restaurant that only serves a few select menu items. They have specialities, and they’re delicious. Compare that to a diner that has anything you could want, but none of it is very good. In other words the Modal Boxer Brief in Jet Black is satisfying and even a little delicious.

How We’d Wear It: Judging from our exclusive photoshoot with Matt O’Brien below, our Editor’s Pick: Comfortable Boxer Co. looks best when paired with a black snapback turned backwards – and some serious, mouth-watering muscles. But unless you’re an underwear model, this isn’t acceptable daily attire.

Pair your black Modal Boxer Brief however you want. Like we’ve said, it’s a versatile pair of underwear. It’s casual, simple and sharp. It can slide nicely under any shade of denim, chinos, etc. That being said, some grey or black jeans would probably look best. They can be your standard denim or something more modern with destructed or motto detailing.

Other Favorites: Modal Boxer Brief – Navy Blue, Modal Boxer Brief – Stone Grey

For more information on this brand: Comfortable Boxer Co.

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Matt O’Brien

Products Supplied by Comfortable Boxer Co.


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