5 Reasons Why Sheath Underwear Will Take Your Workout To The Next Level

Guys who like high intensity workouts or activities need underwear that can keep up with them. Sheath has design their boxers with these guys in mind and their comfort. Check out these 5 reasons why Sheath Underwear will take your workout to the next level!

1.  Sheath has worked tirelessly to bring you a pair of boxers that will keep you comfortable and supported. Their technical designs will have you feeling both throughout your workout.

5 Reasons Why Sheath Underwear 1


2. Sheath Boxers move with you even when you’re feeling your most stretched out. The cotton elastic blend fabric will hold it’s shape and contour to your body for the closest fit and maximum mobility.

5 Reasons Why Sheath Underwear 2


3. Want to kick up your cardio game? Sheath boxer styles all feature a special Anatomical Isolation Pouch that places your boys in a special pouch, pulling your package away from your thighs to avoid sweating and chaffing. This pouch is also very supportive and will hold your boys in place while you run your little heart out!

5 Reasons Why Sheath Underwear 3


4. High Intensity activities usually come along with sweating right? Each style is designed to reduce heat, avoid sticking and wick away unwanted sweat while you work hard, making it easier to workout or preform outdoor activities for longer periods of time.

5 Reasons Why Sheath Underwear 4


5. Most well-rounded, active guys like variety in their workout routines, it’s healthy and less boring. Sheath has designed their styles to work with you in most activities, so you won’t have to hold yourself back. Since guys want to be able to preform a variety of workouts, one should also assume that they would like some variety in their underwear as well right? Well, Sheath boxers are available in five different colors, one for each day of your work week!

5 Reasons Why Sheath Underwear 5


What are the 5 reasons why Sheath underwear works for you? What’s your favorite high intensity activity to do in your Sheath boxers? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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