Pack The CheapUndies Neon Swim Collection For Your Winter Getaways

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Despite all of our wishing, the cooler months are upon us. Despite all of our wishing, daylight saving has commenced. The days are shorter and the nights are colder, and although some of you might be in warmer climates or experiencing different seasons, there are those of us who are about to embark upon the winter blues. If you’re lucky enough to have a winter getaway or two planned, you’re going to need the perfect swimsuit for it. What better place to look for one than CheapUndies? The new CheapUndies Neon Swim Collection features sexy yet comfortable swim bikinis that are perfect for your winter trips! Available in vibrant neon colors, these swim bikinis are as affordable as they are stylish!

The CheapUndies Neon Swim Collection features Neon Enhancement Swim Bikinis ($9.99) that are sure to help you stand out, in more ways than one. The bikinis are available in six vibrant neon colors (green, orange, purple, pink, yellow or blue) and are designed with a super scandalous low-rise cut. As the name says, they are also designed to enhance your package with a tear drop contoured pouch, which may draw even a little more attention on that winter getaway. With a minimal waistband design, and a double top stick finish, these swim bikinis aren’t just stylish, they’re comfortable and practical as well! The hyper-stretch nylon fabric that the collection is made up of will ensure you a body-defining, supportive fit.

Each swim bikini in the CheapUndies Neon Swim Collection is available in sizes: S – XL.

Which neon color is your favorite from the CheapUndies Neon Swim Collection? Do you have a winter getaway planned already? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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