Bread & Boxers, Welcome To The Underwear Club

Bread & Boxers is so named because they aim to be the bread and butter of your wardrobe. Their slogan: “Your everyday favorites.” And that’s exactly what you get from their boxer briefs – available in black, white, grey, and navy. The design is clean and simple. The waistbands match the body for a more refined finish. The result is quiet and handsome, and the latest addition to our Underwear of the Month Club.


We chose Bread & Boxers to be a part of our Underwear of the Month Club because they truly deliver on that promise to be “your everyday favorites.” The designs are so simple and reserved they carry their own powers of attraction. For men with a more reserved sense of style, this is where your sex appeal is at. You don’t need cut-outs and sheer mesh to flaunt what you’ve got. All you need is something that fits well and looks sophisticated. And That’s what Bread & Boxers is all about.

Sign up for our Underwear of the Month Club, and get a consistent supply of your everyday favorites from Bread & Boxers, and all your other favorite brands.


For more information on this brand: Bread & Boxers

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Dominic Lufrano, Aston Models



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