Ask The Expert: Hiding Flabby Skin

Ask The Expert: Hiding Flabby Skin

Having excess skin and wanting to hide belly fat is an issue that people have been facing for years. Throughout history women have had options for hiding it with waist trainers, corsets, and other shirts and fabrics that will cover it up. Men now have options to deal with this issue because they have the same issues as women do. Check out this installment of Ask The Expert: Hiding Flabby Skin.

Sean from Los Angeles, California – Hey Underwear Expert! Thank you for taking time to answer my question! I recently dropped a lot of weight and my skin hasn’t bounced back as quickly as I would have liked. When I wear slim fit tops everyone can see the lumpy excess skin I carry and it’s embarrassing for me. I wanted to know if there are any underwear options that could help me with this issue so I can feel more confident in my new body. I know that there are a lot of options for women but I haven’t found anything for men yet. Is there anything available? Thank you for your time!

The Underwear Expert – Thank you for writing to us, Sean, and congrats on the weight loss! This is an issue that plagues many men and is rarely discussed. Feeling like you look good is half the battle and we feel like we have just the solution for you! Blackspade has come out with a body control collection that deals with the issues you’re having, check out some styles here:

Blackspade Body Control Singlet: This tank top fits nicely underneath your clothing and has a special elastic fabric body that will suck in your excess fat and skin for a more smooth look.

Blackspade Body Control Brief: If you’re having more issues with love handles or extra skin and fat lower on your stomach this would be an ideal choice for you. The classic brief cut has an extension of fabric that hits the middle of your abs and works to give you a more smooth, slim look.

Blackspade Body Control Boxer: This style features all the same things as the Body Control Brief just with a boxer brief bottom if you prefer that fit to a regular brief.

Does this Ask The Expert: Hiding Flabby Skin help you with hiding some of your excess skin? Which style do you like the best? Having any underwear issues or dilemmas? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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