All New PPU Jocks 2016

PPU Jocks 2016 7

Introducing the new PPU Jocks 2016-1 collection featuring their latest jock styles.

The PPU Wile Jockstrap ($23.48) is the traditional cut you look for, with just a few extra straps at the pouch for more openness, giving a sexy new take on the look. You can wear this jock for athletic support or just for style. The jock is available in white, blue and black.

Their Frills Jockstrap ($23.48) is the classic jock with a few extra frills for sexy lingerie with a sporty, athletic inspired base. PPU’s Tuxedo($23.48) style adds a bit of formality to their jockstrap, featuring the classic black and white color combination and topped off with a bowtie.

The Champs jockstrap ($25.48), which is available in blue or black, has a multicolored V-shaped design for a rugged, gladiator inspired look. The PPU Aerie jock ($20.48), which comes in red or white, features a mesh design along with thin straps at the rear, for a sporty look that hugs your body and shows off optimal skin.

Their Silven Jock ($22.48), available in red or black, features an asymmetrical designed pouch with a wide waistband, giving you a unique, sexy fit.

Now available with a 20% discount until Monday November 16th at www. And who doesn’t love a great deal?

Promo code: PPU2016-1

The PPU Jocks are available in sizes: S – XL

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