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Not every man likes to wear a speedo or booty shorts to the beach, and that’s completely understandable. Sometimes you may want to switch your look up and go for a more traditional swim short; however, just because you may prefer a more conservative cut, that doesn’t mean you have to be boring about it. Palmacea has blessed us with some really fun and exuberant patterns that they’ve incorporated into their swim short trunks collection. This collection features everything from starfish to seashells, in bright, vibrant colors. Drawing inspiration from both vintage and modern styles, these swim shorts may be traditional in cut, but they are cutting edge in style and design!

The first print featured in the Palmacea Swim Short Trunks Collection comes in either white or turquoise with a colorful fish pattern ($62.00). These swim short trunks display a bold and colorful pattern of fish in different colors that create unique stripes. They are made from a soft 100% peach face polyester that has rapid dry fibers. They also have a classic elastic waist tie with metallic rectangle shaped zamak cord ends, side pockets with mesh front and a back pocket with velcro closure and 2 drain eyelets. These Fun Fish Print Swim Short Trunks are cool, comfortable and extremely well made. There is also a Spiral Seashell Print Swim Short Trunk available ($62.00). These classic swim trunks are made with high-quality materials, and they also feature a pattern of spiral seashells in different sizes that create a beautiful piece of art.

The Palmacea Swim Short Trunks Collection also features Baby Blue Swim Trunks with a Star Fish Print. These Baby Blue Swim Trunks from have a classic beachy look and are designed with extremely high quality detail, design and construction. They are light blue a with red orange starfish for a retro-esque timeless look. They have an elastic waistband with a resistant cord and stainless Zamack tips at the end. They also have two side pockets with mesh front as well as a back pocket with a velcro flap and two eyelet holes to keep water and sand out. These swim short trunks are also available in pink, which have a pinkish peach colored base with red starfish in a beautiful pattern. And lastly in blue with a bold print featuring a navy blue base and contrasting turquoise starfish.

The Palmacea Swim Short Trunks come in sizes: S – XL

Are you excited about the new Palmacea Swim Short Trunks Collection? Do you prefer a longer cut on the beach or something more revealing? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Palmacea

Photo Credit: Asim Gill

Model Credit: Jason Edwards

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