Defy Your Limits With The teamm8 Stadium Campaign

teamm8 Stadium campaign

Australian brand teamm8 always raises the bar when it comes to strong and powerful underwear campaigns. Their images and underwear always evoke a feeling of endurance. With distinct detailing and bold color choices, the teamm8 Stadium campaign is no exception. Each item in the Stadium Collection is stylish and fashionable, but with the teamm8’s classic, masculine aesthetic. They can take the color pink and turn it into a pink brief suitable for an active man, and in a way, redefine what it means to be masculine.

Each piece in the teamm8 Stadium Collection can give you the confidence you need to separate yourself from the ordinary, without having to stray from stylish simplicity. Model Sil Visser sports the collection in the teamm8 Stadium campaign, set where else but an arena/stadium setting. His powerful physique is set up against the equally rugged and stoic backdrop. This leaves the vibrance of each pair of underwear to contrast beautifully against the stone background. Something about the hard, concrete walls highlights each and every color and makes them look all the more radiant.

Photographer Martijn Smouter captures Sil in various poses, each emphasizing his meticulously sculpted features, and the teamm8 Stadium underwear of course. The metallic waistband featured on each pair of shines brilliantly in the natural sunlight, effortlessly accenting Sil’s lower abs. And then the collection’s stripe design does the same to the rest of what’s being covered.

The distinct navy and white stripe print featured on the side panels of the green brief draw great emphasis to Sil’s thighs. The same pattern runs across the back of the white trunk, making his backside that much more prominent. Together the design, style and cut of the teamm8 Stadium Collection create a masculine yet stylish attitude for Sil to work with. Both the rugged environment and his tough persona are slightly offset by the pretty, yet simple colors and details found in the teamm8 Stadium campaign.

What are your thoughts on the teamm8 Stadium campaign? Which pair do you like most of Sil? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on this brand: teamm8

Photo Credit: Photographer Martijn Smouter

Model Credit: Sil Visser

Sponsored by teamm8


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