Tani Silkcut Has Justin West Looking Smooth

Tani Silkcut Has Justin West

Tani is known for having trendy, soft underwear styles that have men feeling like a king with every wear. Tani Silkcut has Justin West looking smooth and hip in each image.

Photographer Aydin Arjomand captures Justin West posing in Tani Silkcut styles. These images feature a white sphere in the background that sits in front of a white wall. Aydin’s use of angles and the sphere shows a playful use of texture and depth perception. This sphere is only slightly visible behind Justin but is eye catching and draws the viewer’s eyes to the center of the image. In each image, Justin is surrounded by the sphere, so it draws the viewer’s eye right to the Tani styles featured. The white background contrasts with Justin’s skin and the Tani styles, making him pop out of each photo at the viewer. Aydin plays with an angles in some of the photos allowing the viewer to look down Justin’s body and have a full view of the Silkcut Thermal Set.

Justin is sporting the Silkcut Hip Brief in the first photo. This classic brief cut is simple yet elegant in design and so soft that you’ll feel like you have a cloud wrapped around your package. The other images feature Justin wearing the Silkcut Thermal Set in black topped off with a blazer. The blazer gives the thermal set a dressed up or elegant look suggesting that a trendy, elegant man would choose this style as sleepwear.

Do you think that Tani Silkcut has Justin West looking good? Are you in love with how soft Tani underwear styles feel against your body? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Tani

Photo Credit: Photographer Aydin Arjomand for Tani

Model Credit: Justin West

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