The Tani Houndstooth Boxer Briefs Photo Shoot

Tani Houndstooth Boxer Briefs

We expect quality from the things we purchase. We appreciate craftsmanship, innovation and performance. Tani does too. That’s why it only works with the finest fabrics, innovative knits and finishes to make its collection of underwear. Each piece is designed with a clean, modern aesthetic for a timeless appearance and a smooth, sleek profile. Each piece strays away from gimmicks and embellishments, and it focuses on comfort and performance. The designs are modern, sophisticated and classic. The underwear is superior and created with great attention to practical detail.

In their latest underwear campaign shot by Aydin Arjomand, model Ian Paget is found slipping into a pair of Tani Houndstooth Boxer Briefs. Tani Houndstooth Boxer Briefs are both luxuriously soft and lightweight, yet extraordinarily resilient to keep up with whatever the day brings. It is the perfect boxer brief to showcase the Tani aesthetic and high level of quality craftsmanship. Ian is captured in front a background and in an environment that is as sleek, modern and clean as the Tani design. The classic Houndstooth Boxer Briefs are the focal point to this modern photo shoot, with an all white background accentuating the underwear flawlessly. The clean lines and subtle shadows perfectly display Tani’s sleek aesthetic and superior attention to detail. Despite its remarkable soft feel, this pair of Tani Houndstooth Boxer Briefs stretches and recovers as it lightly drapes and shapes to Ian’s athletic physique.

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For more information on this brand: Tani

Photo Credit: Photographer Aydin Arjomand

Model Credit: Ian Paget

Sponsored by Tani


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