Shoptalk: BCNÜ

Shoptalk: BCNÜ

Realizing the need for stylish, well-fitting sportswear, Paul Zack, the founder of BCNÜ, came up with the concept for this Aussie born brand. He was looking for nice sportswear, but all he could find were generic styles that didn’t pay any attention to style, fit and the effective use of color. Why should you have to look unstylish while you work hard at the gym?

BCNÜ blends sportswear and street fashion to create unique and multifunctional designs. Their mission is to reimagine what men with active lifestyles wear. The results of mixing elements of active, sports and streetwear, with a nod to the latest trends, are products that give the active guy some options on where he can wear it. Whether it’s hanging out with the guys, exercising, hiking, taking man’s best friend for a walk or attending a last minute happy hour, this collection has you covered. Make an impression and break away from the banal with these unique pieces that feature attention-grabbing designs and bold use of color. Not only will the cuts have you looking great, but with high-quality, comfy fabrics against your skin, it’s impossible not to feel exceptional inside and out of the gym.

BCNÜ is devoted to delivering a high-quality product. To ensure this and maintain quality control, the company manufactures every style in Europe. This brand has grown rapidly since its launch. Within three years of launching, the brand has expanded to be sold across 60 countries and has also partnered up with 43 stores worldwide. This accomplished sportswear brand has now decided to move into underwear as well. Their new underwear collection launches soon, so be sure to check it out on their website!

Which BCNÜ style will you wear when you get active? What’s your favorite workout routine to follow to stay in shape? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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