Review: Collected Threads Invisible Thermal

Item Reviewed: Collected Threads Invisible Thermal

About the product: The Collected Threads Invisible Thermal is made out of 100% combed cotton. Combed cotton is an extremely soft version of cotton (usually more expensive) made by specially treating the cotton fibers before they are spun into thread. To make conventional cotton thread, the cotton is harvested, cleaned to remove dirt and seeds and then carded. Carding separates the fibers and roughly lines them up so that they all lie in the same direction. When cotton is combed, fine brushes are used to pull out any remaining impurities, along with short cotton fibers. Approximately 15% of the volume is removed, leaving behind only long, straight fibers which are even and aligned. The slivers of combed cotton are then spun into thread. This thermal is cut in such a way where the collar almost bears your entire chest. It’s like a giant scoop neck and v-neck hybrid. There are no tags. This piece washes with ease.

What we like: Everything: the warmth in the cold, how it’s doesn’t burn you up inside a building, it’s combed cotton softness, the high quality material and the fit.

What we don’t like: There aren’t many things to complain about, but if I had to be nitpicky, maybe a more modest collar would help those who are not so pectorally gifted.

When we’d wear them: On cold, cold, cold days. Anything from going to work or to hiking out in the woods during winter.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who go out into the cold, cold, cold elements. Guys who appreciate a good quality thermal that would be the last thing he needs to worry about while scaling Mount Everest.

Describe these underwear in 3 words: Warm. Comfortable. Sexy.

For more information on this brand: Collected Threads

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