The Naked Active and Essential Collections

Underwear is the first article of clothing we put on in the morning, and the last piece we take off at night. We wear it all day, every day, in the gym, and in our beds. So when choosing our underwear, we of course all want a pair that is going to be comfortable and feel effortless. With the Naked Active and Essential Collections, not only do we get underwear that is crafted for optimal comfort, we get underwear that is designed to deliver an all-star performance.

Can your underwear perform? The Naked Active underwear collection certainly can! Designed with the Naked soft stealth waistband and a contour pouch for optimal fit, the Active wear collection outperforms even on your toughest of days. The Active Microfiber Trunks, Briefs and Boxer Briefs ($32.00) are all constructed with incredibly smooth, moisture-wicking fabric so you’ll enjoy a “barely there” comfort with unlimited mobility. This pair will deliver an all-star performance every time, whether you’re walking to work or running a marathon.

If that isn’t enough to satisfy your underwear needs, Naked also has their Essential Collection. There’s always been cotton underwear, but not like this. Their ultra-soft Cotton Stretch fabric is so breathable, it will shatter your image of conventional cotton underwear. Seams you won’t feel, a waistband designed for ultimate comfort and legs that won’t ride up. You’ll feel naked every day. The Essential Boxer Briefs and Trunks ($40.00) are both available in 2-packs. The Essential Briefs ($36.00) are also available in a 2-pack.

The Naked Essential Collection also features both crew and v-neck t-shirts. Who said you can’t improve on a classic? The t-shirts feature a modern, streamlined fit with a tapered construction. Made from an ultra-soft, breathable and comfortable Cotton Stretch fabric that is streamlined for a stylish tailored look. The t-shirts also feature a soft neckline designed for comfort and ease. Both the Essential crew-neck and v-neck are available in 2-packs ($48.00).

Both the Naked Active and Essential Collections are available in sizes: S-XL.

What do you think of the Naked Active and Essential Collections? Could your daily routine benefit from an underwear catered for comfort? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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