The Mark MacKillop Interview and His UE Exclusive Selfies

Mark MacKillop Interview

Performer and internet selfie sensation Mark MacKillop will make his LA debut with his new one-person show – A Night With Mark MacKillop – Sunday evening, October 18 at 8 pm at Rockwell Table and Stage. Singing standards from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s, MacKillop takes the audience on his journey this past year from an aspiring musical theater performer to a world famous taker of scantily-clad selfies in this self-deprecating, tongue-in-cheek guide to becoming “famous” in 2015. We recently had the pleasure of participating in our first Mark MacKillop interview, and we even obtained some great selfies – exclusively for The Underwear Expert.

A classically-trained ballet dancer, Mark MacKillop’s internet selfie odyssey began a year ago when he was performing as Riff in the international tour of West Side Story. Bored one day in his London hotel room, MacKillop decided to try out a new self-timer photo app on his iPhone, striking artistic poses in his underwear. He posted a few of the shots on his Instagram account, which at the time had a couple of hundred followers. When West Side Story moved on to Tel Aviv, he tried a few more, posted a few more and began to get a lot of “likes” on his IG account. MacKillop kept at it, quickly gaining followers. A year later, Mark now has 33,000 Instagram followers ( and a coffee table book collection of his photos entitled Rm. XIV.

Read The Underwear Expert Mark MacKillop Interview below, and check out his stunning selfies as well – exclusively for The Underwear Expert!

The Underwear Expert: How do you feel about the success of Rm. XIV and the selfies?

Mark MacKillop: To be honest the success of Rm. XIV and the selfies came as a big surprise. When I started the series I didn’t really have a plan for using them for anything. It really just was a way for me to be creative while I was on the road with West Side Story and for me to have a way to share my isolated experience with my friends who I was separated from.  So the fact that people beyond my circle of friends found it interesting was pretty cool.

The Underwear Expert: Where are your favorite cities to perform? How does L.A. compare to N.Y.C.?

Mark MacKillop: New York City is a pretty awesome place to perform because there’s so many talented and amazing artists who come together to support one another and see each other’s work and nothing makes me happier than amazingly talented people who champion for talent and creativity. So it’s a pretty awesome experience to look out into the room and see people who I think are fantastic performers laughing or enjoying my performance – it’s a really great feeling. This will be my first time performing in LA and I’m pretty excited about it. I have an amazing band lead by my musical Director Brandon James Gwinn and special guests Glees Alex Newell and the hilarious Drew Droege.

The Underwear Expert: What is your favorite candid moment from working on the show?

Mark MacKillop: When I perform the show in New York I have a Vanna White role played by the hilarious Laura Oldham. Her part is not scripted and she just improvs and I never know what she’s going to say or do and it always has me laughing on stage at her with the audience.

The Underwear Expert: Any memorable fan reactions?

Mark MacKillop: I had one a couple fans fly to NYC from other states. I thought was pretty amazing.

The Underwear Expert: You were originally trained in ballet. What drew you to make the switch over to musical theater? And how are you enjoying where you are in your career now?

Mark MacKillop: Well I grew up performing in musical theater and I actually didn’t start dancing until I was 17. So I’ve always had the musical theater bug. I love dancing but there was a part of me that I couldn’t express on stage which was singing. So as much as I loved being in the company and performing with such amazing artists and athletes in the ballet company party part of me lives on stage while I’m singing and I had to get back to it as quick as possible. I couldn’t be happier doing what I love.

The Underwear Expert: What has been your favorite selfie so far?

Mark MacKillop: It’s probably the selfie I took in Zürich of me sitting in over split all reading a book it’s kind of gotten the most reaction. A friend of mine was teaching ballet in Brazil and one day a group of students was circled around the laptop and talking so she walked over to see what they were looking and it was that over split selfie. I thought it was pretty cool that my selfie’s had traveled all the way around the world and were inspiring young artists and dancers.

The Underwear Expert: Where do you see the project going next?

Mark MacKillop: There’s definitely a few more cities in the works for performances of this show and I can’t wait to announce them…

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Photo Credit: Mark MacKillop – Exclusively for The Underwear Expert


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