It’s Lights Out For The Marco Marco 2015 Collection

2015 Marco Marco Collection

“Marco Marco” has become synonymous with eccentric patterns, vibrant colors, and innovative designs. The Marco Marco 2015 Collection embodies that same creative energy, but with an electric bite that’s guaranteed to stun and shock. And not only do we get a new collection, but we also get a new campaign from photographer Shaun Vadella.

This futuristic, almost cyborg-like photoshoot features UV neon colors, geometric patterns, and just the right amount of transparent mesh – something we always appreciate seeing from Marco Marco. If the Marco Marco 2015 Collection is any indicator of what the future will look like, then The Underwear Expert is on board and waiting impatiently.

Models Steven Dehler, Anthony Wisco and David Ratcliffe are photographed in a dimly lit space. With an entirely black background, the only sources of light are faint, fluorescent glows of pink and yellow. The setting is moody, sensual, and ambiguous – yet all we need to get a clear impression of what each look in the S/S Marco Marco collection has going for it. The vibrant neon and UV color schemes shine brightly and in full-force, and the mesh cut out patterns show just the right amount of skin.

Speaking of showing skin, one standout member of the Marco Marco 2015 Collection, and the photoshoot below, is the new Marco Marco Jock. It’s shown below in it’s Jet (black), UV Green, and UV Pink colorways. It also comes in Royal Blue. Even with its minimal coverage it’s still registers as full-force Marco Marco, especially when glowing in the dark.

That being said, no Marco Marco Collection would be complete without some electrifying leggings. The new Hover Leggings are Marco Marco to the max, and only full coverage if you look past the intense mesh panels (rather than through them). Available in Blue, Slick Black, and Acid Green, these are where we’re getting those strong futuristic vibes from. The sharp angles and lines dividing the transparent mesh from the polyester vinyl look a little robotic, and create the sexy illusion that the vinyl is floating on you, or practically painted on.

The Marco Marco 2015 Collection also includes the Geometric Brief, the Hover Brief (which is essentially the Hover Legging without the legs), and the newest version of Marco Marco’s Kaleidoscope Brief. All three have different things working in their favor, all the while sticking to the motif of neon colors and sexy mesh teases of skin.

What are your thoughts on the Marco Marco 2015 Collection? What’s your favorite piece featured in the new collection? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Marco Marco

Photo Credit: Shaun Vadella

Model Credit: Steven Dehler, Anthony Wisco, David Ratcliffe


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