Go BTS With Modus Vivendi Weekly Line

BTS With Modus Vivendi Weekly Line

Modus Vivendi has previously come out with colorful and imaginative collections, and the Modus Vivendi Fall 2015 collections are no exception. Check out their first line released for this season in this behind-the-scenes look at the Modus Vivendi Weekly Line! The Weekly Line offers boxer briefs and briefs in seven colors, one for each day of the week, so you will never be without a comfortable stretchy pair throughout the week.

In this Behind the Scenes video, model Raul Flory captures the ever imaginative Joan Crisol shooting Konstantin Kamynin in Madrid, Spain. Joan took this shoot to the street and used a mirror to capture both Konstantin and his reflection in each shot. In the video we see passersby on the street who stop to watch Joan and Konstantin work with the city’s intricate architecture as their backdrop and prop at the same time.

At a certain point, they break the mirror to give a more textured, broken up image. Both the model and photographer seem at ease throughout this video, and they seem to mesh well as they create a story for the Weekly Line.

Check out the BTS With Modus Vivendi Weekly Line video below and try to not get distracted by Joan’s use of mirror imaging and refracted light.

What do you think of the new BTS With Modus Vivendi Weekly Line video? Which style featured do you see yourself rocking more? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Modus Vivendi

Video Credit: Raul Flory

Photo Credit: Joan Crisol

Model: Konstantin Kamynin

Sponsored by Modus Vivendi


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