The Girlfriend’s Gift Guide To THE EIGHTH

Gift Guide To THE EIGHTH

Gift giving season is underway and nothing says,  “I love you” like a pair of luxury underwear. Girlfriends, never fear the Gift Guide To THE EIGHTH is here. The typical gifts of cologne, watches, and clothing are all thoughtful and great, but underwear is something your man will be able to appreciate every day. When you give your man a gift it will make him think of you every time he uses it so lets make those thoughts happy ones with soft THE EIGHTH styles. From the moment he pulls on his new underwear from THE EIGHTH, he will be thinking of you until he takes them off.

The Athlete: Is your man always working up a sweat? Is he seemingly at the gym all of the time, or captain of the basketball team? For the athlete in your life, look no further than The Sport underwear by THE EIGHTH. They feature 4-way stretch, allowing him to workout with ease. An athlete’s worst enemy is chafing, so these are designed with a silk finish and “second skin fit” making this pair of underwear absolutely chafe-free. The compression fabric will keep everything in place, so he can focus on the game (and then you, after).

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The Lounger: Maybe your man prefers weekends spent watching Netflix (and chill) in bed over going out to the latest club. This type of guy doesn’t like feeling constricted by clothing, and is totally cool with spending all day in sweatpants. For the man who likes to relax, THE EIGHTH offers a couple choices: The Classic Boxer and The Lounge. The boxers are your classic, go-to underwear for relaxation. The loose, soft fabric is perfect for relaxing in and letting things ‘air out’ down there. The Lounge offers a more form fitting shape with a soft jersey fabric. They offer added stretch, so you can wear them to bed or out on the go when you just want to feel comfy.

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The Socialite: This guy always has a million plans for the weekend. Whether it is the opening of that new bar in the city, a business trip, or a networking event, he is always on the go. Your man has a lot of pressure on him to always look his best and dress to impress, because he is meeting tons of new people each day. For the socialite, THE EIGHTH recommends The Trunk.  The Trunk is similar to a boxer brief, but slightly shorter. They are versatile, allowing your man to wear them with any outfit without worrying about them bunching up and looking sloppy. The Trunk is soft with a silky finish, so he’ll feel good all day long.

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Will the Gift Guide To THE EIGHTH help you pick out a present for your boyfriends? What piece of information did you find most useful? Let us know by commenting below or tweet us at @underwearexpert.

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