The Funky Fresh Frank Dandy Fall 2015 Collection

frank dandy fall

Who says summer gets to have all the fun? This Fall, Frank Dandy is keeping things funky and fresh with their Frank Dandy Fall 2015 Collection. Featuring everything from a “Swingers Boxer” to a “Hairy Brief,” this eccentric collection is sure to keep things interesting this season!

The biggest eyebrow-raiser in the Frank Dandy Fall Collection would have to be the Swingers Boxer and Trunk ($29.00), available in either blue or grey. In celebration of joint efforts and teamwork, these scandalous undies display various intimate couples, in various intimate positions. You name it, they’re doing it!

The “I Scream” Trunk, Boxer and Brief ($29.00) is available in green or blue. The graphic details showcase multi-colored ice-cream melting down from your waistband to your lower thighs. Hurry up and get them before they melt away completely!

The Hairy Boxer and Trunk ($29.00) in red or black features a design of long, flowing hair throughout the entirety of the underwear. Who needs a bush down there when your underwear is covered in hair?

The Evil Eye Trunk, Boxer and Brief ($29.00) is available in either blue or black. Staring is not very polite, but with these Evil Eye underwear, people won’t be able to help themselves. These uniquely designed pieces exhibit a multitude of variously sized evil eyes which all come together to from one funky pair of underwear.

But that’s not all. The Franky Dandy Fall 2015 Collection also features waffle-inspired boxers, team-spirit inspired trunks and even fake-heritage-inspired briefs. We’re not sure if there is a rhyme to the reason, but we are sure this is one of the freshest and funkiest collections we’ve seen in a while, maybe ever! Make this fall fun and exciting and check out this eclectic and quirky collection.

The Frank Dandy Fall 2015 Collection is available in sizes XS – XXL.

What do you think of the Frank Dandy Fall 2015 Collection? Which funky fresh design are you looking forward to sporting this season? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Frank Dandy

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