New Fitness Pants That Are Perfect For Yoga

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One of our favorite forms of exercise is yoga. Yoga, in its various formations, is a great form of fitness on its own, but it can also be beneficial when incorporated into a workout regimen. Whether yoga is a large part of your lifestyle or you choose to participate in it on a smaller scale, it’s important to have the right pants during your workout. A great deal of yoga deals with movement and stretching, and you need a pant that is going to move and stretch with you. Yoga also demands a lot of intricate body positioning, so while you’re perfecting your downward facing dog with right leg up pose, make sure you’ve got the right pair of fitness pants to help you out!

N2N has a great pair of Slim Gym Sweats, or Slim Gyms for short. These new fitness pants are made from a performance stretch material that hugs and conforms around your body, yet allows great freedom of movement. The Slim Gyms also feature 2 side pockets and zippered leg bottoms to accommodate your foot apparel. Aside from providing optimal mobility during yoga, these fitness pants are also equipped with moisture wicking performance fabric, helping you remain calm and cool.

For those who are looking for even more freedom, BodyAware has just launched their new Neon Soft Leggings. Maintain the utmost of comfort with these fitness pants. These leggings are featured in brilliant neon colors, and they have an excellent design that helps you achieve your highest state of meditation. These leggings are also equipped with a fully contoured pouch and a non-restrictive elasticated waist. The snug fit from the hip to the ankle provides for great ease and mobility, while supporting your assets.

teamm8 has just released their new Mission Tight. The teamm8 Mission Tight features zip openings on the bottom of both legs for easier access with rubber grips on the inside to keep them down. They are also equipped with a drawcord on the inside of the waistband. Whether you’re stretching or challenging your strength and flexibility, get all the benefits and support that these fitness pants have to offer!

Which fitness pants would you want to wear while you’re practicing yoga? Is yoga a big part of your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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