Exciting Dress Socks With A Bold Personality

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No matter how old we get, some of us will always hate dressing up. And even for those of us who do excel in looking professional and sharp, we still want to add a bit of our personality to the outfit. Whether it’s for everyday work attire, a wedding, an interview or a special date, dressing up doesn’t always have to be so boring. One brand that knows how to add some excitement to men’s formal wear is Happy Socks. Happy Socks dress socks have all the comfort and practicality of a dress sock but with the added bonus of innovative and exciting designs. It’s always nice to see a pop of color or a creative pattern under those black pinstripe slacks. Show off your bold personality this fall/winter season with these exciting dress socks!

The Happy Socks Stripe Dot Sock features not only one fun pattern but two. When one pattern isn’t enough, you can wear both stripes and dots! Shades of blue and white mingle in this graphic pair to create a lively, vivid pattern unlike any other. With polka dots on top and blue, white stripes wrapping around the ankle and foot and solid shades of blue around the foot and heel, these socks are sure to show off some personality. The colors on these stripe dot socks safeguard superior style, and the fine combed cotton ensures that these socks are cozy and snug.

Another favorite pair of exciting dress socks for this fall/winter season are the Happy Socks Big Dot Socks. Put a little color in any outfit with the addition of these big dot socks! Blue, yellow, orange, teal and pink dots mark these purple socks with eye-catching color. And with the solid teal top, black heel and yellow toe, you can’t go wrong. The vivid patterning on these fun dress socks is a result of using only the finest combed cotton in the weaving process. The cozy, warm socks give a fitted feel everyone will enjoy.

Who doesn’t like to incorporate sprinkles when choosing exciting dress socks? The Happy Socks Sprinkles Sock shows black socks like you’ve never seen them before. With specks of pink, blue and yellow, these exciting dress socks come alive in vivid color. Topped with a solid band, a yellow heel and a blue toe, you can’t go wrong with sprinkles socks! Let the cozy warmth of combed cotton hug your feet for a well-fitted feel of pure comfort.

What are your thoughts on these exciting dress socks? Which pair of Happy Socks is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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  1. zorab says:

    I don’t have lots of knowledge about many patterns of socks but after reading your post I have known about many designs of socks. I always wear plain simple socks and never though about wearing socks with patterns but your post have created interest in me to wear colorful socks with charming prints. Now I will definitely buy happy socks through your website next time.

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