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THE EIGHTH is known for bringing together the good things in life such as art, music, sex, culture and sport. They strive to provide the man with well-fitting, top shelf underwear styles. They also want to help simplify your underwear purchasing process by providingTHE EIGHTH Guide to men’s underwear so you’ll know which styles suit you best since they offer so many! Check it out here:

Briefs: We’ve all experienced brief style underwear at some point of our lives, whether it was during adolescent years when they were referred to as “tight whites,” or as adults where they provide the clean look that is desired while wearing slim fit or low rise pants. The brief’s style offers excellent support in the genital region, and it is less prone to bunch up, thanks to the minimal fabric on the legs. If you work or live in a warm environment, the brief can prove to be a bit warm, due to how tightly packaged it keeps your contents. Elastic opening at the waist and legs are not conducive to letting the breeze flow through.

Boxer Shorts: Boxer shorts had a boom in popularity in the late 90’s, when it was considered stylish to have them hanging out the back of baggy jeans. Thankfully, those days are long over, but the popularity of boxer shorts has not faded. Today, most men find that boxer shorts are the perfect loungewear and sleepwear undergarment, thanks in part to the ease of movement that they offer, but because the loose fabric offers little to no support for the genitals, the boxer isn’t recommended for the active male. Every man should still have a few pairs of boxer shorts in their drawer. Even if you choose to not wear them, your lady friend will love grabbing a pair to sleep in when she spends the night. Be sure to have replaced your graphic boxers from high school with a luxurious pair of boxer shorts that has a simple, subtle print.

Boxer Briefs: As some point in history, the support offered by briefs was crossed with the fit and cut of a boxer and the boxer brief was born. A favorite of men around the world, the boxer brief keeps your jewels secure and in place during activities but doesn’t bunch up while wearing slim fit pants or suits. Boxer briefs come in a variety of styles, lengths and materials, based off your needs while wearing them. Shorter legged versions are referred to as trunks, while longer legged boxer briefs are called loungers. Many manufacturers also offer sport versions of the boxer brief that feature high strength elastic openings to reduce bunching and rubbing as well as antimicrobial materials to keep funk to a minimum.

Sport: New to the underwear sphere is the sport. The sport is perfect for athletes (or anyone really) that want the support offered by boxer briefs but need some additional “give” in the material. The Sport style acts like a second skin, so your underwear won’t get in the way of your athletic endeavors. They offer 4-way stretch for chafe-free wear and a comfy silk finish. Run, bike, lift and sweat in the sport for ultimate comfort.

All in all,THE EIGHTH wants you to put more consideration into the underwear you choose to wear. Consider what activities you perform, your lifestyle and what kind of job do you have before you figure out which underwear style will best suit your life. Wearing more than one type of underwear is a good idea, too. There’s nothing wrong with changing it up for different activities or events you might find yourself in! Going for high-quality styles will have your boys thanking you for the love and support.THE EIGHTH styles will prove to be a worthy investment.

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