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N2N Active

If you’re a routine gym-goer, you know that visualization is one of your secret weapons. Admit it, you don’t just use those mirrors for checking your form. You also use them to check yourself out. And when you’re feeling yourself, you’re bound to have a powerful workout that leaves you sore and hurting good. Like anything else, it’s all about confidence. But how can you guarantee a confidence high at the gym? Take it from The Underwear Expert, N2N Active looks are a good start.

Model Kai Braden wears looks from two N2N Active collections in The Underwear Expert’s exclusive photoshoot below: the Basic Gym Collection and the Slim Gym Collection. Both include tanks with flattering athletic cuts built to show off your guns – and in the case of the Slim Gym Tank, a little more than that. Both collections also include sweatpants, with the Basic Gym Collection even including a pair of sweat shorts.

The N2N Basic Gym Collection has an all-American appeal to it, mostly because of the collegiate-style lettering on its three pieces. The Basic Gym Tank has “N2N Gym” placed right on the chest. The Basic Gym Sweats and Shorts from the N2N Active collection have the same branding placed on the back on the right side of your glutes. This gives the two pant styles from the collection the slightest of flirty touches. It encourages people to check out your derrière but in an entirely sporty way.

The N2N Slim Gym Collection works out on the sexier side and has a trendier aesthetic with its color blocked designs. The Slim Gym Tank is more narrow on the straps and back compared to the Basic Gym Tank, but it isn’t quite a racer-style design. But what really makes it a sexy number to sweat in is its extra wide arm holes that go as low as the middle of you abs – definitely an attention-grabbing peek of skin. It’s a great piece in the N2N Active collection.

The N2N Slim Gym Sweats fit more form-fitting than the Basic Gym Sweats. They’re made from a performance stretch material that shapes to your legs and rear for flattering, sexy definition. They’re even designed with two side pockets, a rear pocket and zippers inside the legs to better match whatever shoes you’re wearing.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to look good during their workout. Whether you’re looking to make someone do a double-take or you want to feel sexy while getting sexier, looks from the N2N Active range are the way to go. No matter the collection, you’ll find something that is the right mix of form-fitting and breathable to help you move and stay comfortable while breaking a sweat.

Which of the featured N2N Active collections would you wear during your hardcore gym session? Does your gym crush wear N2N Active looks? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Kai Braden

Products Supplied by N2N


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