Uncover Your Sexy Side in The BodyAware Undercover Bodysuit

Bodyaware Undercover Bodysuit

Bodysuits are always sexy, but bodysuits that feature a snap on/snap off cod piece? Well, that’s just irresistible! BodyAware has surpassed themselves once again with their new BodyAware Undercover Bodysuit ($45.00). This rubber-looking bodysuit doesn’t only make you look sexy, it also makes you feel sexy, creating an almost irresistible urge for your partner to rip it off. But don’t rip it off just yet; you’ll want to savor the many unique qualities of this brazilian-back bodysuit, starting with the snap on/snap off cod piece that is shaped to fit you perfectly.

The BodyAware Undercover Bodysuit is designed with a hole in the front, so you can show absolutely everything, but if you want to protect some of the mystery, just snap the codpiece back in place. The spandex in the fabric gives just the right amount of stretch, and the sexy athletic look at the shoulders accentuates your physique. The 96% polyester and 4% black spandex composition also gives this bodysuit a rubber-like aesthetic – perfect for fetish play. With a brazilian styled-back this bodysuit has minimal rear coverage. The BodyAware Undercover Bodysuit is topped off with a small BodyAware logo patch on the back. Take a risk and uncover your sexy side with this seductive undercover bodysuit!

The BodyAware Undercover Bodysuit is available in sizes: S – 2XL

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For more information on this brand: BodyAware

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