Review: Bloke Undees Stripes Light Blue

Item Reviewed: Bloke Undees Stripes Light Blue

About the product: This nautical-inspired boxer brief is made from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. The Bloke Undees Stripes style provides full coverage and runs sizes S – XL. The wide low-rise waistband features the brand’s sans serif logo, circling all the way around. It’s a close, fitted design that traces its roots to the whitey tighty, only without the front opening pouch. Ribbed leg holes keep everything from gathering and bunching.

What we like: A true homage to the timeless whitey, this design merges what some people consider age-old underwear with another traditional stylistic staple: the original French sailor stripe. It’s a match made in underwear heaven. Yet despite all this throw-back, Bloke Undees maintains the modern features that count. These boxer briefs include the ribbed legging and organic cotton—because in today’s world we (kind of) care about Earth. The organic cotton will mean a lot to guys who are concerned about the environment. The wide, logo-heavy waistband is of today’s fashions, too, as is the loose, relaxed look they take on from the front. This is pair with all of yesterday’s and today’s best features. And it shows. You need these underwear.

When we’d wear them: This is a great boxer brief for any time or occasion. It’s very versatile, so anytime, anywhere.

Who we’d recommend them to: The nostalgic and the fashion-forward.

In three words: Tight. Classic. Striped.


For more information on this brand: Bloke Undees

Photo Credit: Bloke Undees

Product supplied by Bloke Undees


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