The Best Lounge Pants To Cozy Up With This Fall

best lounge pants

Now that summer has officially come to an end, we can feel guiltless when we stop our 8-day-a-week gym routines, and we can seek comfort and solace in the crisp autumn weather that lies ahead. For those of us preparing for cooler temperatures ahead, we can say goodbye to our tank tops and booty shorts, and hello to sweatpants and thermals. One should be able to delve into lackadaisical fall activities with utmost ease and comfort. That’s why we’ve compiled a simple list of the best lounge pants for this upcoming season.

Bodyaware Cozy Leggings:

These soft cotton flannel pajamas come in a classic plaid print. The leggings are cut trim on the leg rather than baggy to provide a lean look. The pajamas also feature an elastic waist trimmed on the inside and a contrast dot print with a drawstring. The waist can be worn flat to show off the classic flannel print or turned over to show the dot print. These lounge pants are designed with slight contouring at the center seam in the front and back for overall comfort.

Wood Long Lounge Pant with Draw String:

The most comfortable lounge pants you will ever put on, with a relaxed fit. The Wood Lounge Pant features deep pockets and a drawstring for convenience and comfort. These pants are made from a super soft Lenzing Modal (spun from beech tree cellulose) blend, creating a fabric that is ultra-comfortable and natural to boot.

Bread & Boxers Lounge Pant:

The mid-weight, looped French terry pieces in the Wood Lounge Pants Collection are buttery soft. The pant features tonal stitching, a front draw cord, a ribbed cuff at the bottom, forward placed pocket with ribbed detail, and peached texture for a soft hand.

Tani Silk-cut Lounge Pant:

The Tani SilkCut Lounge Pant is luxuriously soft and lightweight, yet extraordinarily resilient. The lounge pant is created with Micro Modal® Air fabric that’s actually thinner and even softer than silk. Despite its remarkable soft feel, the SilkCut Lounge Pant can take what you can dish out, and will always keep you in a level of comfort you’ve never experienced.

N2N Lounge Onezee:

Although not technically a “lounge pant” we couldn’t create a list of best lounge pants without mentioning at least one onesie! The N2N Onezee combines soft sensual fabric with a masculine fit to create a unique, sexy and totally comfortable lounge piece. The long line of buttons allow you to be as comfortable or as daringly suggestive as you’d like. Worn under clothes for a little warmth or by themselves for a whole lotta comfort.

Are you counting the days until fall weather? Which best lounge pant would you kick back and relax in? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert

For more information on these brands: BodyawareWoodBread & BoxersTaniN2N

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