Baskit $12 Tuesday – Light V-Neck Tee

Light V-Neck Tee

Treat yourself to a new shirt for those hot yoga sessions you’ve been bending over backwards to attend! Spoiler Alert: The Baskit Light V-Neck Tee is today’s $12 Tuesday deal, so treat yourself on a budget!

The Baskit Light V-Neck Tee is a soft style that accentuates your chest and shoulder muscles through a close fit and a gentle v-neck. The sleeves cut off at the mid bicep, showing off more of your arm muscles. This shirt moves with you and is very versatile. You could wear it while hanging out with your friends, to your next yoga session or even to the gym to get your pump on.

Photographer, Rich Mackey, also captures model, Nelson Marin, lounging around in a kitchen making coffee in the red Light V-Neck Tee. So enjoy your morning coffee in this style and know you got a great deal on it too! You won’t be without options, since this style is available in four colors: red, grey, green and navy. So head over to the Baskit website and stock up on your favorite colors!

What do you think of the Baskit Light V-Neck Tee? Will you wear this to your next yoga session? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Baskit

Photo Credit: Baskit and Rich Mackey

Model Credit: Nelson Marin

Sponsored by Baskit


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