Down For Australian Style From 2eros And Supawear

Australian Style

The handsome and fit Nestor Caderin is photographer Adrian C. Martin’s latest muse in this shoot all about Australian style (and sex appeal). Nestor models looks designed by two Australian brands: underwear and swimwear from 2eros, as well as underwear, swimwear and a pair of active leggings from Supawear. From the typical weekday to the weights to the water, these two brands keep him covered in sharp, athletic style. And they do with it an Australian state-of-mind.

Two of the featured looks from 2eros are equal parts trendy and athletic, all thanks to their color blocking designs. Depending on the colors, color blocking is the perfect middle ground for underwear and swimwear that comes off athletic but has its sights on modern style. The V20 Vavoom Swimwear – Night is one of those swim briefs that could be mistake for underwear. Clearly a swimwear choice for the more courageous and fashion-forward man.

It’s designed with a black base and contrasting red seams and waistband. What really gives it an athletic nod are the contrasting panels of green and white that run around the back. But what solidifies this as a trendy, sexy look is the material. Look closely and you’ll see the white stripe is made from mesh, making is slightly see-through when wet.

On the other hand, the 2eros U31 To Eros Trunk – Magenta would be far on the sporty end if it weren’t for it’s bright magenta and blue contrasts. Aside from that, it’s entirely athletic. Thanks to its longer leg length, bold text on the waistband and color blocking, you can’t miss.

Supawear’s Supa Supa Trunk uses a similar color contrast, but it comes off as more conventional by keeping blue in the foreground and pink as the contrast. Adding to the sporty aesthetic of this trunk is its waistband. It’s bold and a lighter shade of blue than the underwear body, and features stylishly off-center text on the waistband.

Supawear’s SUPANOVA Leggings – Hazard steal the show. They’re featured in most of the shoot’s stills and are easily the boldest Australian style look Martin captures Nestor in. Leggings always make a statement and leave an impression. They fit like a second skin, forming to your physique and leaving just enough room for your imagination to have its fun (especially when viewed from behind). Make that form-fitting style in a bold yellow colorway, and all eyes are on you. The black contrasts on the pouch seams, behind the knees and on the waistband give it an added sense of masculinity and athleticism.

What do you think of Nestor Calderin’s photoshoot with Adrian C. Martin? If you could steal a look off of him, which would it be? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2eros, Supawear

Photo Credit: Adrian C. Martin

Model: Nestor Calderin


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