Ask The Expert: Stylish AND Supportive Jockstraps

Stylish AND Supportive Jockstraps

Over the years, jockstraps have taken on a new role in the underwear world. These days they are seen more as a fashion choice, rather than a genitalia protector. The original sports model consisted of only a waistband with a pouch and two elastic straps. The pouch was often fitted to hold a cup for extra protection of your male member. However, these days fashion jocks are less concerned about protecting you and more focused on adoring you. Although they follow the design of the original sports model, they don’t always have the same durability. It’s hard to seek out a fashion jockstrap that is simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and fashionable as well as practical and beneficial. But, there are stylish AND supportive jockstraps out there.

Todd from Waco, TX – Hey Underwear Expert! I’m kind of an old-school guy when it comes to fashion, especially in the underwear department. I have a pretty standard collection of briefs and boxers, but I want to add some new additions. I’ve always liked jockstraps, but some of the “fashion jockstraps” I’ve come across don’t seem to fit well. I find them flimsy and almost cumbersome. I was wondering if there were any jockstraps out there that were a cross between a classic, sturdy jock and a modern, fashion jock? Are there any stylish and supportive jockstraps to choose from? Thanks for the help, and I love your website!

The Underwear Expert: Hey Todd! Thanks for reaching out. To answer your question, yes, you can have best of both worlds! There are a ton of great brands that make a durable jockstrap that is also stylish and sexy! Jockstraps that fit and support your package, jockstraps that wick moisture and jockstraps that cater to your active lifestyle. We agree, fashion jockstraps shouldn’t just be fashionable, they should also be conducive toward a busy lifestyle! These three stylish and supportive jockstraps are both fashion conscious AND suitable for a comfortable fit.

Jack Adams Body Flex Jockstrap – With an ergonomic, body-conscious fit, this jock is made of an extremely soft four-way stretch mesh material that wicks away moisture while showing off a provocative hint of skin. This sporty jock is designed to move with the body and also features a fly front for easy access.

Bodyaware Basically Amazing Ribbed Jock – Made from a new unbelievably soft fabric, this jock features an enhancing U-shaped inner pouch, giving you a boost as it conforms to your curves. This jock is as comfortable as your favorite tee. Trimmed around pouch and leg with comfortably soft binding and finished with wide, flat black elastic at waist.

PUMP! Flash Jock – Its micromesh and cotton blend pouch and supporting elastic straps offer a breathability and comfort that is perfect for going hard at the gym or heating it up in the clubs. This jock is cheeky fun with all the support you can ask for, making this one of our favorite stylish and supportive jockstraps!

What are your thoughts on these stylish AND supportive jockstraps? Which jock is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Jack AdamsBodyawarePUMP!

Feature Image Credit: PUMP!

Photo Credit: Jack Adams, Bodyaware, PUMP!


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