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Sweating. Many men face this issue daily. Almost every man does it, and it seems like it’s totally unavoidable. Things get a bit toasty downstairs, especially if you’re generally an active guy. To avoid or prevent this problem, the underwear industry has developed styles that wick moisture away, keeping you drier, and also styles with mesh material in the right places to give your boys a little bit of air.

In this installment of Ask The Expert, we address this problem head on and give you the tips you need for beating sweat. We’ll find you a solution that will have you feeling comfortable, confident and sexy.

Sebastian from Denver, CO – Hi Underwear Expert, I usually don’t do this, but I’m in need for some serious help. I’ve suffered for a while with having a sweaty situation below the belt and have tried everything from baby powder to more frequent costume changes than Beyonce on tour. I feel self-conscious about this issue because of the chaffing, small odor issue and all over discomfort that comes along with it. I’m sick of dealing with this issue and want to be able to hook up with someone without having to worry. Please help me!

The Underwear Expert  Hey Sebastian! Thank you for taking the time to contact us, we will most certainly be able to help you. First off, we would like to say you’re not alone in this; many men face this issue day to day without realizing that there are easy solutions available. The underwear industry has developed so much over the years and has provided may solutions to problems men face daily. There are many underwear styles available to you that wick away moisture, have special breathable mesh pouches or sections that will help keep you dry and anti-bacterial components that will prevent odor. Also, jockstraps are great because they allow for air to move freely around your manhood and backside, keeping you more fresh for a longer period of time. We have a few options you might want to consider:

Tani Activemode Boxer Brief – This boxer brief not only looks great on but it will have you wicking away moisture and preventing unwanted odor. The Japanese fiber used in the fabric naturally neutralizes odors at the source.

Bear Skn Standard Issue Trunk – This trunk features a double layer of mesh material to keep your boys breezy, and the seams were moved in order to prevent chaffing. This style is comfortable and available in various colors.

Pump! Blue Steel Jock – The open-back of this jock will provide air flow and the mesh pouch will keep your boys from over heating. Jockstraps also have an incredible amount of support so still feel support will you keep yourself cool.


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For More Information on these brands: Bear Skn, Pump!, Tani

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