Our Top Picks For Aerobic Exercise Underwear and Swimwear

Aerobic Exercise Underwear

Aerobic exercise is one of the most vital exercises you can participate in. As men, some of us are so focused on building mass and bulking up that we forget how important aerobics can be. Muscles are great, and strength training is important, but a healthy heart and good circulation is crucial when it comes to great health.

Aerobics doesn’t have to be just running on a treadmill. We can seek out aerobic exercises in various ways to keep it fun and intriguing. Running is a great start, and when applicable, is always great to do outside. Hiking is another great option to increase your heart rate. Some of us don’t like to run, and that’s understandable; for the nature-lover in all of us, hiking is great substitute for aerobics. It’s also a great way to build leg muscle. Swimming is another viable option, and is also a great contributor to muscle growth while simultaneously raising your heart rate. It’s always a great idea to look into joining a gym with a pool. It doesn’t always have to be expensive – sometimes a local YMCA or recreational centers have pools that are conducive towards aerobic swimming.

Dancing, cross-country skiing, even boxing, are all great forms of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise not only improves fitness – it also has known benefits for both physical and emotional health. So for all of those body-builders out there, keep building, but try and incorporate some of these aerobic exercises into your weekly routine for an overall quality of health.

We’ve paired 3 of our favorite aerobic exercises with some of our favorite performance and active underwear and swimwear collections. In order to get the most from your aerobic exercises, you’ll need the best aerobic exercise underwear and swimwear out there!

Outdoor, long distance, running – Tani Shadow SP

Aerobic Exercise Underwear 1

The Tani Shadow Collection makes for a great aerobic exercise underwear. Made from light-weight, super-soft, Italian fabric, but with a double-layer bonded mesh fabric to add structure, support, and shape retention. The design allows air to circulate between the fabric for natural moisture wicking and superior breathability.

Swimming – aussieBum Neoprene 

Aerobic Exercise Underwear 2

aussieBums ultimate combination in style, functionality, and quality calls itself “Neoprene.” Made from the same fabric as sporting wet suits, the Neoprene collection is designed to mold, and stretch, completely forming to your body with time. The Neoprene collection features awesome aerobic exercise swimwear!

Hiking – Wood Boxer Briefs

Aerobic Exercise Underwear 3

The Wood Boxer Brief features a comfortable, non-binding waistband. The fabric is plush against your skin and combed for softness. Made from an ultra soft Lenzing Tencel (wood cellulose) with natural wicking, microbial, and thermocontrol properties – all great qualities to consider when picking a pair of aerobic exercise underwear.


What’s your favorite form of aerobic exercise? Which aerobic exercise underwear or swimwear do you find most beneficial to your workout? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

For more information on this brands: TaniaussieBumWood

Photo Credit: Tani, aussieBum, Wood


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