The Wood Underwear Hip Brief Caught In The Great Outdoors

Keep Your Manhood Less Sweaty

We can’t get enough Wood! There’s no better underwear brand to tackle the great outdoors in than Wood underwear, and with good reason! Made from an amazing, ultra soft Lenzing Tencel (wood cellulose) blend that has wicking, microbial and thermocontrol properties, Wood underwear is able to perform well for even the longest day’s wear, whether you’re in the office or in the forest. So, naturally, when choosing an environment that embodied their Hip Brief style, Wood underwear chose the great outdoors.

Photographer Armanado Adajar shoots model Nick P in the Wood Underwear Hip Brief, three from the Striate Collection. This collection focuses on the striate design which is inspired by – you guessed it – wood! The Wood Underwear Hip Brief also focuses on showing more and wearing less, and after seeing Nick sport them, we couldn’t be more grateful for that! Like the intriguing rings of a tree’s cross section, the Hip Brief features stunning and intricate stripes. But that doesn’t mean we forgot about the classic orange Wood Hip Brief. Along with Purple Striate, Midnight Striate and Orange Striate, Nick P also sports the iconic Wood Orange Hip Brief.

Each striate color looks awesome against Nick’s tan skin, but there is something about the solid Wood orange that accents his olive hue to perfection. The classic non-binding white waistband forms to his body, accenting his lower abs. The higher cut on the brief shows off more leg, and with Nick’s massively impressive thighs, it’s as if the briefs were made to contour to his body. He struts around the great outdoors, feeling confident, sexy and comfortable in Wood’s Hip Brief.

What do you think of the Wood Underwear Hip Brief photo shoot? What’s your favorite color from the Striate Collection? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert

For more information on this brand: Wood

Photo Credit: Armando Adajar

Model: Nick P

Products Supplied by Wood


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