Wild Fun Underwear: Charm Your Underpants Off

Picture this: you’re on a date and about to get lucky with some guy or girl, and you’ve been hitting it out of the park. Things get heated, your pants come off, and, surprise – your underwear is a major let down. The Underwear Expert recommends avoiding this with pairs of fun underwear. No matter your personal taste, or sexual orientation, there is room for fun to be had down under. Whether its sense of fun comes from a cute design or a naughty one, these pairs of fun underwear can save your night, or your afternoon delight.

The super adorable Scot Murdock models a lucky number of seven pairs of fun underwear in our exclusive photoshoot below, some of them charming and some of them playful in a naughty way. First up is the black Hipstripes Explosives Boxer Brief. Its claim to being a pair of “fun underwear” comes from the waistband – black and yellow stripes that look like caution tape, the word “EXPLOSIVES” printed around the elastic. It’s fair warning for your partner to proceed with caution, and should guarantee a chuckle at the very least. Scot also models the Happy Socks Dot Boxer in white. This pair goes the charming route with a simple white and black polka dot design, and the loose fit of boxer shorts rather than boxer briefs.

For more cheeky fun underwear designs, check out the Marcuse Peep Brief, the Male Power Basket Weave Thong, and the Andrew Christian BLOW! Pride Bubble But Jock. The Marcuse Peep Brief may not look revealing at first, but the horizontal pouch has a playful “Enjoy!” greeting for whoever is lucky enough to catch you in them, and when you pull the pouch a little lower, your package will peep out.

Male Power’s featured pair is The Underwear Expert’s idea of ” fun underwear” simply because of its sexy thong style, and an otherwise casual aesthetic. The BLOW! Bubble Butt Jock, on the other hand, is a sexier kind of fun with its bright colors and dual strap design. It’s also made with Andrew Christian’s flattering anatomically correct pouch. You can see what Scot’s packing, and just what kind of bubble butt he’s got around back. Spoiler alert, it’s a nice butt.

teamm8 and Betones end up somewhere in the middle with their Medal Brief and Suspense6 Boxer, respectively. Betones of course is rockin’ an awesome graphic print. And teamm8 scores fun points simply for its cute coral color, and a modern, attractive brief silhouette.

Do you like your underwear more discrete, yet need more interesting pairs? Which of Scot’s pairs of fun underwear matches your idea of fun? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Betones, Happy Socks, Hipstripes, Male Power, Marcuse, teamm8

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Scot Murdock

Products Supplied by Andrew Christian, Betones, Happy Socks, Hipstripes, Male Power, Marcuse, teamm8


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