Take A Look At The Parker & Pine Design Process

Parker & Pine Design Process

Parker & Pine is known for providing well-fitting, comfortable underwear styles for bigger guys who may find it hard to find well-fitting underwear styles otherwise. The Parker & Pine Design Process video shows the brand’s design and production process for producing some of your favorite styles.

Parker & Pine listens to customers’ experiences with underwear issues and incorporates different features into their designs to provide better comfort for their customers. Whether it be a mesh section to prevent heat buildup or moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry, they work hard to put out the best product. After they figure out how to provide the most comfort, they move on to creating the patterns or “architectural drawings” which will show how the underwear style will look. From there, they make a few samples and test them on bigger guys to see how they feel and function. They’ll make adjustments based on these tests until they get the best product they possibly can.

Once they have a product they are happy with, they look for manufactures. They really do their research and look for manufactures that meet international standard, offer high quality production, and happy environments. Then they check to see what other large brands use these manufactures and see if they deliver consistent, quality products, and that they are trustworthy. After the products are produced they go through a strict quality control check to make sure each individual item meets the high standards set by Parker & Pine before they are sent out to customers.

Take a look at the Parker & Pine Design Process Video below:

What do you think of the Parker & Pine Design Process? How important is the quality of the underwear styles you’re purchasing to you? Do you like that they listen to their customers and make changes when needed? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert

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