The Underwear Expert’s Salute To Camo Underwear

Camo Underwear

Camouflage print is an acceptable, even hot fashion choice – so long as it’s in small doses. The Underwear Expert simply cannot advocate going about your day dressed like a hunter, but we can advocate a powerful punch of camo, especially when it comes in the form of camo underwear. It’s without a doubt the most masculine print around, and is oftentimes incorrectly written off as unfashionable and a little too niche. But like our exclusive photoshoot below proves, camouflage can still be plenty stylish, and sexy in an unexpected way.

Model Shawn Alexander steps into 6 pairs of camo underwear in the photoshoot below – one thong, one brief, two trunks, a boxer brief, and even a pair of long underwear. But no matter how the camo print is cut, the first thing you pick up on is its manly-man style. Whether it’s a traditional iteration of camo or something updated with a trendy flare, the featured camouflage prints all have a fashion sense that’s made to be seen rather than blend in – assuming you don’t live in the middle of Backwoods, Nowhere.

The common camo print is all about earth tones – forest greens and muddy browns. And while this may spark images of tobacco-chewing deer hunters, these 6 pairs of camo underwear shoot that assumption dead, right between the eyes. They have a more handsome, military aesthetic thanks to their clean designs. And all it takes is a strong, defined sense of color.

Diesel, Wood, and Aware Soho all feature with underwear that stays close to camouflage’s wilderness-inspired roots. Aware Soho gives their camo underwear a sporty twist centered around a contrasting black waistband with bold white text, to brighten things up a bit. Wood also treats their Digital Camo print with a black waistband, the brand name in their trademark orange, which has never looked more appropriate.

Diesel’s camo underwear is the darkest pair Shawn wears, and the most masculine in our eyes. Not only does the trunk cut provide a generous amount of coverage, but black seams and a thick black waistband, with minimal white accents, give it an edgier, more contemporary finish. It’s also the pair with the strongest military vibe.

Ken Wroy, Cocksox, and Male Power bring us trendier iterations of camo underwear. Ken Wroy and Cocksox stick to brighter greens and even some blues to create a more unique looking camouflage print. Ken Wroy even accents their’s with a metallic waistband. And to balance out their flash, these also happen to be the featured pairs with the longest legs.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Male Power shows up with the aforementioned thong, and what’s easily the most erotic form of camo underwear we feature. But when we say it’s erotic, we aren’t even talking about the thong cut. We’re talking about the camo print’s sheer material. It’s almost ironic considering camo was first and foremost meant to disguise us. But with this pair of camo underwear, there is no hiding anything.

Does your personal style make room for camo underwear? Which of the camo pairs featured in our shoot do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Aware Soho, Cocksox, Diesel, Ken Wroy, Male Power, Wood

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert

Model: Shawn Alexander

Products Supplied by Aware Soho, Cocksox, Diesel, Ken Wroy, Male Power, Wood


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