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We hope you’re hungry for some fresh underwear, because Australian brand Lunch is on the rise, and has us feeling quite satisfied. The brand holds three crucial components in the highest regard: comfort, quality, and masculine style. Take it from The Underwear Expert, those three things are what matter most when it comes to men’s underwear. And when it comes to Lunch underwear, all three are on the menu, and served all day.

Lunch underwear is designed in Brisbane, made in Sydney, and constructed with materials sourced from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and New Zealand. While the fabrics all come from close to the brand’s home, finding them wasn’t so simple. Every pair of their underwear is the result of extensive testing and quality control, because men’s underwear shouldn’t just be comfortable and elastic, but durable and built to last.

The brand first came onto the underwear scene with two ranges: Lunch BOX and PACKED Lunch. The Lunch BOX range is made from a soft fabric with a luxury feel and a heavier weight that fits and feels like high-quality. The PACKED Lunch range is lighter, more breathable, and built for an active lifestyle. It’s these materials that checked comfort and quality off of the brand’s list of underwear must-haves. But when it comes to their attractive masculine aesthetic, it’s all about the design and cut of the underwear.

Lunch underwear is designed with an inner supportive pouch that gives your bits a flattering boost. Normally underwear brands add a contouring seam on the pouch and call it a day, but not Lunch. Instead, the brand’s inner pouch is designed to give you more dramatic profile by sitting behind the scrotum. The brand’s material is stretchy enough to pull this off and leave your feeling comfortable and confident down there. Lunch underwear is all about accentuating and shaping to the masculine form. You’ll be impressed by their wide side profiles, and impress anyone who catches you with your pants down.

Since the brand’s launch in 2013, swimwear and sleepwear have been added to the menu. They keep the same clean, classic aesthetic as the brands first two ranges and stay true to the same principles – comfort, style, and quality. The brand’s signature color is a lively shade of purple – used on just about every waistband and The Underwear Expert’s favorite pairs of Lunch. Bold color not your thing? Lunch underwear is also served up in classic white, modern charcoal, and more. No matter your taste in underwear, it’s time for Lunch.

Are you ready for Lunch underwear? Do you own any pairs of the brand’s underwear already? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Lunch

Photo Credit: Jerrad Matthew Exclusively for The Underwear Expert.

Model: Ajdin Sefer

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