Review: Tani Activemode Workout Shirt

Item Reviewed: Tani Activemode Workout Shirt

About the product: The Tani Activemode Workout Shirt is made of 90% nylon with 10% elastane in hedge green or black with an athletic cut and contrasting flat stitching that accents the pects, shoulders and abs. The V-neck opening, sleeves and hem are rolled over and double stitched. Tani advertises the Japanese designed material as designed for workouts with odor absorbing abilities.

What we like: Tani’s material is soft and comfortable to wear with moderate stretch to accent your chest. The Tani Activemode Workout shirt did well at the gym; it handled pull-ups, bench press, shoulder pres, and a run fairly well. The shirt’s slim fit V-neck and style allows versatility for wearing this to the gym or out around town.

What we don’t like: This shirt fits great, but with its athletic cut, if you have belly softness, it will be accentuated. Although Tani designed this Activemode shirt with odor absorbers, after a hard, sweaty workout, we smelled about the same.

When we’d wear it: This shirt is excellent either at the gym or during your morning run.

Who we’d recommend it to: Athletic guys looking for a comfortable and stylish shirt for the gym; it’s finally time to ditch that frayed and ripped Tool tour t-shirt.

Describe this shirt in three words: Athletic. Silky. Flattering.


For more information on this brand: Tani


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