Review: Bia Boro Bamboo Trunks – Green

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Item Reviewed: Bia Boro Bamboo Trunks

About the product: Theses low-rise trunks are made of a 95% bamboo rayon / 5% spandex blend and come with a contoured pouch. For the colored versions of this pair, the medium-sized waistband features Bia Boro branding in the pair’s primary color set against black, and for black pairs you can choose one of two colors as an accent for that branding. Though we’d describe the fit as quite snug, this pair does offer full coverage.

What we like: These trunks are a great way to add a little bit of sex appeal to your everyday underwear, and we love them for that. You might think that if you’ve seen one trunk, you’ve seen them all, but the short cut of the Bia Boro Bamboo Trunk combined with the contoured pouch and bright coloring options make for a killer look. We will say we liked the fabric, it was relatively soft and comfortable, but it’s not the best we’ve ever felt, which sort of surprised us since bamboo fabrics have become so renowned for their great feel. We did like that this pair was pretty breathable, especially since it’s on the tighter end of the spectrum, and we found that the pouch offers more than average support. The last thing we’ll say we liked it about this was pair is how it fits in the back. It’s prefect! Bia Boro also makes women’s underwear and the brand markets those as “love your booty.” We think they should market the Bamboo Trunk the same way, because after seeing our booty in this pair, we loved it.

What we don’t like: The one major downside to this pair is that it seemed to shrink after a few washes and that shrinkage led to this pair having a tendency to ride up.

When we’d wear them: Any day, anywhere.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who are looking to spice up there everyday underwear collection

Describe these underwear in 3 words: Natural. Sexy. Snug.


For more information on this brand: Bia Boro

Photo Credit: Bia Boro

Product Supplied by Bia Boro


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