Review: 2eros S01 Icon Shorts – Sky

Item Reviewed: 2eros S01 Icon Shorts – Sky

About the product: 2eros S01 Icon Running Shorts in sky blue are baby blue in color with a pale yellow trim accent for the leg openings, pockets and drawstring. The drawstring is made like shoelaces with the 2eros logo printed on it. It is very short and has a mesh lining. This pair of shorts is made out of 100% polyester. The shorts also provide full coverage and is comfortable.

What we like: The style and how sexy it looks.

What we don’t like: It’s maybe a little too short.

When we’d wear them: Running around in the neighborhood.

Who we’d recommend them to: Fit athletic runners who want to look sexy running.

Describe these underwear in 3 words: Sexy. Short-shorts. Stylish.


For more information on this brand: 2eros

Photo Credit: 2eros

Product Supplied by 2eros


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