Monthly Swimwear Roundup: August 2015

Swimwear Roundup

Naturally, this summer we saw some great items in The Underwear Expert swimwear department. August, in particular, featured some of the most innovative and sexy trunks, speedos, and swim briefs we’ve seen in a while! The August Swimwear Roundup gave us a ton of unique and beautiful swimwear pieces, making this one of our most exciting summers, and one we will never forget. Even though summer is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to stock up on some vacation swimsuits for the rest of the year! Check out our Swimwear Roundup for more:

Marcuse gave us some awesome excuses to show off a little skin this summer with their Swimwear Collection! This collection featured sexy, elegant, and well-fitted styles that grabbed a lot of attention in our Swimwear Roundup.

Freedom Reigns introduced us to their Bio-Fit and Pump Speedos. With innovative styles and bold color choices, the man who wore them definitely stood out from the crowd … in the best way possible.

Lunch managed to satisfy our insatiable appetite with their Liquid Lunch Swimwear Collection! The Liquid Lunch swimwear brief was designed to conform to the body and accentuate the male form for a look that was both supremely comfortable and athletic.

Aware Soho blew us away with their assortment of swimwear! The Aware Soho Swimwear collection was comfortable, fit perfectly, and was sexy as hell. Going to the beach had never been so fashionable and fun!

Cheap Undies enticed us to take a dip with them and their Swim Trunk Collection. How could we say no with their seductive, low-rise fit, and eye-catching V-pattern design?

Marcuse also gave us a party in our pants with the Ibiza Print Collection! This collection captured Ibiza’s alluring spirit and taped into the island’s beautiful nature through their beautiful designs and styles.

What do you think of August’s Swimwear Roundup? Which of these looks would you rock? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet at @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: MarcuseFreedom ReignsLunchAware SohoCheap Undies

Photo Credit: Marcuse, Freedom Reigns, Lunch, Aware Soho, Cheap Undies


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