Monthly Roundup: August Fashion Jockstrap

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Ah, the fashion jockstrap – the perfect male undergarment. Part gym accessory, part flirtation device – whole lot of buttocks. Whether you use your fashion jockstrap for gym purposes, or you have a couple in your fetish collection, it is irrefutable that jockstraps are a pivotal component in the world of men’s underwear. This past month, we were introduced to some of the sexiest jockstraps we’ve seen to date. Forget about your old school pelvic protector; we’re talking about a fashion jockstrap – fun, flirty, innovative and sporty!

Male Basics grabbed our attention with their Neon Jockstraps and Lace Jockstraps. Whether you want to draw a little attention with vibrant neon, or get in touch with your feminine side in lace, Male Basics had you covered!

PUMP! helped us get in touch with our inner Flash Gordon with their new fashion jockstrap from the Flash Collection! This fashion jockstrap featured a red mesh pouch with red straps – another attention grabber.

Andrew Christian made us submit to them with their BLOW! Temptation jockstrap. The narrow straps of the jockstrap were balanced out by the rubberized waistband’s thick width and kept our packages comfortably supported.

ErgoWear helped us hit our workout hard with their Gym Collection. This fashion jockstrap had an ergonomic design with a spacious 3-D pouch for support and comfort – it also helped keep your boys cool.

Andrew Christian also had us feeling cheeky with their Gigolo Peek-A-Boo Jock. Now you could show off a little of your back and front side!

Gregg Homme featured their Lure Collection – which featured the Lure Jock with a faux leather waistband and studded leather straps that lifted and shaped your bum for an enhanced view!

PUMP! also introduced us to the Sonic Collection. The Sonic Jock featured a black mesh pouch with electric blue back straps and electric blue and neon green accents for optimal viewing!

Jack Adams created the Punter BodyFlex Jockstrap, which gave us all the elements we needed for comfort, support, and durability.

What do you think of these fashion jockstraps? Where would you sport these looks?

For more information on these brands: MaleBasicsPUMP!Andrew ChristianErgoWearGregg HommeJack Adams

Photo Credit: MaleBasics, PUMP!, Andrew Christian, ErgoWear, Gregg Homme, Jack Adams


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