Monthly Brief Roundup: August 2015

Monthly Brief Roundup

Men’s briefs aren’t simply the tighty whiteys you grew up with, but an ever-evolving fashion industry staple. For the month of August, we have seen an eclectic assortment of different men’s briefs for you to choose from. With a wide selection of colors, fabrics, designs, and cuts, our favorite underwear designers have truly covered all of the bases. Check out the Monthly Brief Roundup for August 2015, and see what pairs were made just for you.

CheapUndies made the three primary colors fun and sexy in their Primary Fit Collection, which featured both briefs and tank tops. Both tank and brief are made with your comfort in mind, and create a great ensemble for our Monthly Brief Roundup!

CheapUndies was also busy giving us Briefday 7 Pack Bundles. Now you can have a cute color brief for everyday of the week.

Clever brought it back to basics with their Morelo Range Collection. Clever proved that prints and patterned underwear can be a lot of fun, but it’s still important to have some core basic solids as well.

Andrew Christian gave us the opportunity to be the perfect Trophy Boy. Wearing the Trophy Boy Collection is like wearing nothing at all; your package falls naturally into the super soft snuggle pocket, creating a truly enjoyable and unique wearing experience for our Monthly Brief Roundup.

BodyAware seduced us with their Cotton Rib Brief. The ribbed cotton fabric has a body-hugging fit that’s so lightweight you still feel free, but with a sexy, striking fit.

Ergowear helped us look suave and smooth in their new Vermouth Collection. The Vermouth color added a softer note to Ergowear’s already carefully engineered line.

Mosmann took us down under with their new Luxe Range Collection.  Each design embodied Australia’s ferocious wildlife, beautiful atmosphere and breathtaking terrain.

Malebasics kept consistent with their well-fitted, sporty, and sexy styles in their Classic Collection. The brief was designed to mold to your body and contour to your finer parts.

Clever also brought back colorblocking with their Custok Latin Brief. The stretchy fabric fits like a glove for long-lasting comfort and support, and the colorblock design added a dash of bold style.

Clever didn’t stop there – they also gave us a hint of mesh with their Mesh Elite Collection. The Clever Mesh Brief had both components of sex appeal and practicality.

Garçon Model wowed us with three new colors! The three new colors of course remained consistent with Garçon Model’s premium fit and color versatility.

Andrew Christian made us give into the BLOW! Temptation Collection. The BLOW! Temptation Brief was designed with an open window and a removable cock ring.

BodyAware made us marvel at their BodyAware Vintage Comic Brief. They’re bold, graphic, and they captivated us, which is why we added them to our Monthly Brief Roundup!

Parker and Pine caught our attention with their new Premium Bamboo Briefs. The Bamboo material helps with temperature regulation, which aids you and your lower waist area in staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Marcuse inspired a party in our pants with their new Ibiza Print Briefs! As always, Marcuse used an exceptional and radiant color selection, paired with fun and innovative tropical designs.

Jack Adams gave us the perfect fit with their Navy Briefs, proving no brief is created equally!

Modus Vivendi gave us a flash dance in their Flash Line! The low-cut briefs were simplistic in design but ultra-sexy. Each solid color style featured a contrasting color seam throughout the garment.

Andrew Christian made us feel like we weren’t wearing anything at all in their Trophy Boy Display Range. The Trophy Boy Display Brief gave us that extra oomph we needed to end our summer with a bang!

Gregg Homme made us catch Jungle Fever in their Frisky Series. This was one of our favorite additions to their Playhouse Collection.

Stonemen gave us a digital print that was plenty powerful and strikingly old-school in their Lion Series Collection. These designs were both artistic and regal.

Andrew Christian also inspired us to participate in a game of Peek-A-Boo with their Trophy Boy Link Styles. This style gave us the perfect reason to show off our manhood!

Gregg Homme also showed us the allure of their new Lure Collection. If you’re someone who normally likes wearing faux leather in the bedroom, this was the collection for you.

Marco Marco made us interested in geometry with their New Geometric Briefs. And yes, they brought back the see-through mesh and popping neon of your old Marco Marco favorites.

PUMP! made us fist pump in the new Sonic Collection! PUMP! is known for their sporty styles that are comfortable and sexy, and the Sonic Collection was no exception!

For more information on these brands: CheapUndiesBodyAwareCleverAndrew ChristianErgoWearMosmannMale BasicsGarcon ModelParker and PineMarcuseJack AdamsModus VivendiGregg HommeStonemenMarco MarcoPUMP!

Photo Credit: CheapUndies, BodyAware, Ergowear, Mosmann, Garçon Model and Gregg Homme


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