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Want to feel closer to your partner but feel like outfit matching will elicit some teasing from friends and coworkers? Try something more intimate: match your mate in your favorite Betones styles. No matter what the gender of your partner, you can match pairs. Most styles in the Betones Collections have matching pairs either in the same category, or one in male and one in female, so you will never be without options. It’ll be your sexy secret.

1. Match your girlfriend in the MACRO – Multi print. This print is available in both men’s and women’s trunks and is very fun. Whether you both have a mutual love for jelly beans or see each other as your own personal eye candy, this would be a great way to match up. The fun, vibrant colors will have you feeling jovial, even while you’re both covered up.

Match your Mate 1


2. Keep your animalistic side in it’s cage with your boyfriend in the Torico3. These fun, colorful animal overlapping prints will be fun to match your mate in. From lions to peacocks, you have a wide range of animals featured in both styles. You and your partner can wear the blue and pink styles to match but each pair can still be distinct. Once you two are alone, you can release your caged animals out of the confines of your pants and play.

Match your Mate 2

3. Veg out with your girlfriend in the VegeVege. Both of you ladies will be looking hot in these styles, but no one will know besides you! These styles both have different fruits featured on the prints in different colors but still have the same concept. Get closer to your lady in the VegeVege and taste the fruits of your labor.

Match your Mate 3

4.If you’re in a polyamorous relationship and have more than one love, check out the Breath styles. There are various options for both men and women in this collection, so no matter how many people you want to match, you will always have options. The contrasting color stripe design is fun yet simple, so keep your little matching secret with the ones you love in the Breath styles.

Match your Mate 4

Which Betones style would you like to match your mate in? Do you and your partner find that you connect more when you’re wearing something that’s matching that is so intimate? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @underwearexpert.

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